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Flyport and cloud services

Internet of things becomes more and more intersteing. But what does Internet of Things really mean? The answer is simple: more connected devices such ad TV, DVD playes, cars and, of course, smartphones and tablets.

With Flyport, Internet of Things is more closer to you! Why?! Well, because, with Flyport, the wifi programmable module, you can now interface to the cloud services – ThingSpeak.

ThiDIY gives access to the ThingSpeak Services. ThingSpeak allows to draw online charts, to store and recall values and to use specific APIs to work with Twitter, or to send HTTP requests directly from the ThingSpeak servers.You can create private or public channels. Every channel can store up to 8 fields (the values) and creates charts with those fields. Every channel has a Channel ID, a Name, a Write API Key and a Description. The Write API Key is the most important information of the channel, since it allows to upload or download the field data.We created a public channel to share with you the results of this Application. You can also use the private channels to respect the user privacy.

You can download for free the Application Note to interface by yourself Flyport to cloud services!

More info here.


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