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A new sensor board including a Geiger tube to detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation is currently being developed by Libelium. Once the first prototype is finished it will be sent and tested in the Hackerspace at Tokyo. This new sensor board will be compatible with both Waspmote and Arduino platforms. The idea is double, on the one hand, with the Arduino platform people will be be able to have easily running their own detector at home; on the other hand, with the Waspmote platform authorities and will be able to deploy autonomous sensor networks to send the radiation levels from dangerous areas using ZigBee and GPRS technologies.

If you are interested and want to collaborate with this project please contact David Gascón, Libelium CTO here.


This new sensor board will be open hardware. A new thread in the forum has been created to publish the advances and to listen to the ideas and comments from contributors. Access here.

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