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Crossbow Technology announced the Imote2.Builder for .NET Micro Framework, the Imote2 SDK based on the Microsoft(R) .NET Micro Framework. The Imote2.Builder is the industry’s first set of tools for accelerating the development of entirely new wireless sensor applications on the Marvell PXA hardware platform on which the Imote2 is built.

Crossbow’s Imote2.Builder combined with the recently introduced Imote2 product line provides new developers with the following:

– Rapid prototyping of wireless sensor applications by creating proof of concept in hours or days, not weeks or months
– Quick, familiar debugging using Microsoft’s Visual Studio environment to shift the focus to the code, not the tools
– Built on the Marvell PXA271 XScale ARM-based microprocessor, an industry first, this platform supports applications involving data-rich problems

The new Imote2.Builder for .NET Micro Framework includes 3 Imote2 modules, 2 sensor boards, the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK, an evaluation copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and everything required to allow engineers and developers to quickly and seamlessly create robust wireless sensor applications. It will be available in Q3, and priced at $990. Advance sales inquiries may be directed to

More info here.

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